Aarthi Saravanan

Aarthi Saravanan is a junior in high school, who hopes to spread her passion for technology and art to others. As a member of Girls Who Code, Aarthi wants to create an exciting learning environment and a welcoming group for other children to explore their passions in, just as she has been exposed to within her club. Aarthi has utilized her artistic passions with technology by learning 3D printing, from which she creates and engineers solutions to many common problems in the world. Aarthi is also an employee at a Code Ninjas, where she teaches young children how to develop their own games by coding. As a graduate of Summer Ventures in Science and Math at East Carolina University, Aarthi has learned the value of sharing knowledge and the significance of female in technology in this encouraging environment. Aarthi hopes to give back to the community that has given her so much knowledge and she hopes to inspire more children on their journey of education. Aarthi also plans to pursue a college degree in engineering and computer science, and explore artificial intelligence.