Erica Hsueh

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Erica is a senior currently studying at Northwood High School in Irvine, California. She is a passionate entrepreneur, with a focus on technology, who wants to promote innovation to make a social impact in the world. As the Vice President of the Girls Who Code Club, she aims to encourage students to connect to their community and take advantage of various resources. She has co-founded 2 tech startups, SmartShop and, as a part of the LaunchX entrepreneurship program. Erica has also received the NCWIT National Honorable Mention Award which has allowed her to use her skills in technology to promote computing and leadership skills to girls from all around the world. In addition to her passion in technology, she loves getting involved on campus as the president of the Northwood’s CSF program and Founder/President of NHS Entrepreneur Club.

You can reach her at