Bytes of Code in 2018


Program details

The summer of 2018, at Bytes of Code we worked on three areas.

The first was to use the SPHERO to get a taste of robotics. Using and designing our own codes to control the SPHERO, having it move around the room based on our instructions.

The second was to learn HTML and CSS to create our own websites. The coding was a lot more sophisticated than what we experienced with the SPHERO but we were able to build and design web pages with texts and photos.

Finally, we challenged ourselves by using programs to build Android app for the mobile phones.


EXamples of Students’ projects

Here are some of the works done by the participants, in just two days they were able to build these beautiful web pages! These are just a few!

student work 1.png

Students at work

Here are only some of the pictures we took at Bytes of Code. To get a better idea of how much we enjoyed working and learning from each other, check out our Facebook! Come and join our next program to learn coding and build your own dreams!

Special Thanks to our Mentors!

Allison C., Angela K., Ashley H., Katrina M., Mansi A., Shivani P.

Alyssa D., Nehal D., (WICS, UCI)