To End Gender Gap for a
Sustainable World

At Bytes of Code, we aim to provide computer science education for young women to become future leaders in the stem field, which is a foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

Our mission

Bytes of Code is a youth-led initiative that aims to decrease the gender inequality that still exists in the workforce, especially in the STEM field. We want to educate young women with strong leadership skills as well as computer science skills so they can become strong confident women.

Our Impact

1 K+

Through the National Center of Women and Information Technology AspireIT program, we have received monetary funds as well as resources that help the organization make an actual impact in communities.


Bytes of Code is a growing organization and we are constantly evolving to make the most impact in communities.

1 +

We are proud to directly educate over 800 young women from different cities though our workshops and Ambassador out-reach efforts, about what it means to become a technology leader.

Bytes of Code Team reaching to girls in 8 different countries

Bytes of Code (BoC) holds multiple outreach programs and workshops aimed for young women who are interested to learn more about the power of technology. We are opening the world of computing by offering girls the opportunities to learn about robotics, web development, app development, etc. in a fun environment surrounded by other other girls and taught by near-peers. The program will include visit(s) to high-tech companies in the region to interact with latest technologies and employees to understand potential career paths in the tech industry.

Web Development

Students will learn about the basic components it takes to build their own website. They will learn languages essential to web development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Students will be working with tools used by engineers and experience what it means to build their own robotics and also understand why teamwork is crucial in the STEM field.

App Development

In App Development, students will learn the essential parts of what makes an app popular. They will learn the difference between UI/UX and utilize the difference to make their own apps.


Students will learn how electric circuits work and build our own light circuit that will light up a Birthday Card and projects using Arduino software to control sensors and LED lights.

Our online curriculum offers a variety of topics. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student at technology, Bytes of Code has something for everyone. Our Ambassadors are excited to use these materials for their workshops. ​

Thunkable - Beginner App Development

Want to learn the basics of app development?

Sphero - Beginner Robotics

Sphero is the perfect beginner to get familiar with robotics programming.

HTML, CSS - Website Development

Learn to use HTML and CSS to create beautiful webpages.

Understanding Electric Circuits

Learn how electricity works and how to create electrical circuits.

Data Structure

Use our curriculum to learn about linked lists, queues, binary trees!

As a youth-driven organization, each one of us is passionate about the cause. We want to make our community a better place by educating one girl at a time.

Sponsorship and Partnership

We are excited to be working with our partners to expand the Bytes of Code network and to reach out to many girls in different parts of the world with STEM and leadership workshops.

Get Involved!


Are you experienced in computer science and want to help us make an impact in your community? Then come and join us!


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